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Specialist on paint correction, removing defects can range from light
swirl marks, light scratches and paint oxidation, we smooth out the
surface of your paint, and protected with paint sealer for the longest protection shine up to 6 to 8 months, synthetic waterproof, polish and restore the  headlights.

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Why Choose Us?

Are you in need of auto detailing services? In Burlingame California and the surrounding areas, Home Service Auto Detailing is the company for you. We have been proudly serving the area for many years with expert automotive detailing services.

Our full-service auto detailing company offers everything you need when it comes to auto detailing work. We can handle scratch and imperfection removal due to rust, tar or sap, polishing with paint sealer, interior cleaning and leather upholstery care, and even headlight polishing and restoration. 

At Home Service Auto Detailing we understand how difficult it can be to maintain a car. Whether passengers track dirt into your car and leave a mess, or poor road and parking conditions have caused light damage to your car’s paint, we can help you find a solution that works. Our professional teams are skilled and knowledgeable about the work they do. You can count on top notch results from our auto detailing services. Before you know it, your car will look as new!

Auto Detailing in Burlingame, California

The best part about our auto detailing services is that we come to you. Don’t worry about dropping your car off before work and finding another way there. No more sacrificing your leisure time to take care of your car. Allow us to come to you. Whether you need us to do the work at your office, home or another location, we will happily complete the auto detailing at your convenience. That way, you experience less stress, but can still have a fantastic looking and feeling car!

Don’t put off your auto detailing services any longer. You deserve to drive a car in optimal conditions, cleaned and looking spectacular. Allow the experts at Home Service Auto Detailing to wow you with their specialty car detailing services.

Call the friendly staff at Home Service Auto Detailing today! We look forward to serving you soon.

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