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Automotive Detailing in Burlingame, California

Have you noticed a few scratches on your car? Or perhaps your car needs a deep clean. Whatever your automotive detailing needs, contact Home Service Auto Detailing and we will take care of your car as if it were our own.

If you live in Burlingame California or the surrounding areas and love to keep your car in top conditions, then you need the assistance of Home Service Auto Detailing. As automotive detailing specialists, we know exactly how to make your car and feel fantastic.
Our highly trained, expert staff are prepared to handle all of your auto detailing needs, from scratches to polishing with paint and sealer, interior detailing and cleaning, and headlight polishing and restoration. Simply discuss your needs and preferences with our friendly, helpful staff and we’ll take care of the rest!

Keeping your car in top conditions is a difficult task. The occasional brush against a bush or plant can leave slight scratches, or perhaps a dog put its paws up on the car, leaving a scratch. Sometimes rust can start to sneak up as well, not only creating an eyesore, but causing damage that might spread to other areas of the car. Even sap falling from trees or tar from a freshly paved road can damage your paint. Inside the car, dust or dirt from shoes can create a mess. Children, pets and others may also track dirt, hair and food into your car, leaving crumbs and dirt everywhere.

With Home Service Auto Detailing, all of these problems will disappear. We’ll polish, paint and remove any scratches or imperfections caused by sap, tar or rust. Our dedicated teams will thoroughly and completely clean the interior of your car with special care and techniques for your leather upholstery if necessary. Finally, we can make your headlights seem as new, shining brightly and beautifully, with a polish. 

Call Home Service Auto Detailing to discuss your automotive detailing needs today!
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