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Would you love to give your car a bit of extra care, but don’t have time to drop by the shop? There is a solution! Don’t sacrifice your leisure time to take care of your auto detailing needs. Home Service Auto Detailing is your mobile auto service company, providing office and home auto detailing services. This way, you get the best of both worlds! You’ll drive a fantastic, well-cared for car, without cutting into your precious time.

Home Service Auto Detailing proudly serves Burlingame, California and the surrounding areas. Our office/home auto service teams make your life easier by performing the services you require at the location of your convenience. We can stop by your office so that you can hand us the keys in the morning and drive home a meticulously cleaned and polished car in the afternoon. Or, allow us to perform services at your home while you relax or take care of other important business.

Our Auto Detailing service includes paint solution and clay bar to remove all contamination on the paint including sap, tar, pollution, oxidation, and paint imperfections. We then use a foam pad to polish the paint smooth like new and coat it with Paint Sealer for better protection and recommend this is done twice a year to ensure your paint continues to shine like new.

At Home Service Auto Detailing, we offer a full range of services, from removing scratches to polishing with paint sealer, providing interior cleaning, leather upholstery cleaning, and even headlight polishing. We understand that maintaining a car in top conditions can be a challenge. Road conditions may cause tar or gravel to scratch the paint on your car and passengers may track dirt, dust and crumbs into your car, creating a real mess. Allow us to take care of these troubles and keep your car looking as new. 

We pride our teams of office/home auto service experts in their professionalism, attention to detail and responsibility. You can count on us to arrive on schedule and complete the job on time. At Home Service Auto Detailing we understand that you have a busy schedule to fulfill. That’s why we try to help by providing services when and where you need them with our promise that we’ll finish on schedule.
Call Home Service Auto Detailing today to schedule your auto detailing needs! We look forward to serving you soon.
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